Inspection Seal Lacquer

F-900 "TORQUE SEAL" An inexpensive method to detect warranty tampering; and vibration loosening. Used in production on compression fittings, studs, nuts, parts, and assemblies after they are in proper torque or position. Widely used as “Anti-Sabotage Lacquer”. Inspectors can visually detect any movement or tampering; Torque Seal® becomes brittle and will crack. Excellent adhesion to all metals and to most other surfaces. Dries fast. Torque Seal® is packaged in convenient 1/2 oz. poly squeeze tubes. Available in high visibility, daylight fluorescing colors: ORANGE, RED, LEMON, GREEN, YELLOW-ORANGE, and PINK; and the regular colors: BLACK, WHITE, GRAY, BLUE, BROWN, PURPLE, and YELLOW. To help meet ISO 9000, send for a free sample.

F-925 "Skydrol" RESISTANT SEAL An inspection lacquer used in areas where aircraft hydraulic fluid (Skydrol) might come in contact with the seal. A fast drying material that has excellent adhesion to most substrates. It becomes hard and brittle so that visually any movement can be detected. Available in 1/2 oz. squeeze tubes of stock colors YELLOW and PINK. Other colors are available with a special order minimum of 600 tubes.

F-1000 SENTRY SEAL It is a fast drying product used in production to visually detect any movement in the adjustment of parts. It is used on compression fittings, studs, nuts, parts and assemblies after they have been set to proper tension or position. SENTRY SEAL is an inexpensive method for warranty protection. Service personnel or inspectors can quickly spot any changes or tampering with equipment. SENTRY SEAL has excellent adhesion to metals, including aluminum, magnesium, stainless and copper, and is non-corrosive to these metals. It is packaged in handy metal tubes. Squeeze the tube to extrude the SENTRY SEAL through the small hole to form a bead (narrow stripe) across the parts. The surface dries in about one minute, then it will start to polymerize and become brittle as it dries completely. The 1oz. metal tubes are available in BLUE. Other colors are available with a special order minimum of 600 tubes.

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